Portals & Passages

Throughout the centuries, people have been fascinated by doorways, entrances, and meandering narrow pathways that entice them towards something unknown – a new adventure, something yet to be discovered or a change of view. Such portals and passages feed the imagination and provide us with inner excitement in anticipation of what’s to come. This sense of adventure almost always brings us to a place where our anticipation is rewarded by our discovery.

Portals & Passages is intended to entice you with a curiosity of ‘what’s within’ or simply with the beauty of the paths and entrances themselves. This collection was unveiled at my March 2012 solo art exhibition held at the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden in Vancouver, Canada. My efforts were rewarded by a comment from one exhibition visitor, “I never noticed a doorway before, only the whole building. I’ll look differently next time.”

 Each photograph  in this  collection is  black and white toned, one-of-a-kind  digital print, hand painted in acrylic by the artist on 13” x 19” archival art paper and archivally framed with burnished silver metal.