One of the most beautiful sights in nature is to see tall stretches of thin white poles appearing stark amidst a forest of evergreens or positioned in clumps on a rocky cliff, along the edge of a lake or a farmer’s field.

For me, the Paper birch (sometimes called Canoe birch) is one of the most beautiful trees, not only for its versatility, utilitarian importance throughout history or enhancement of a landscape, but also for the intrigue of its outer covering. Worldwide, there any many species of birch trees, but the Paper birch is  distinctive with its almost imperishable bark that curls away from the tree’s  core like a scroll gradually unrolling.

 At a glance, the birch presents a snow – white surface sporting small black patches and dots, while sandy tones emerge from the inside of the curls. But on much closer examination, beautiful soft tones of moss and lichen come into view.

 My ‘Birches’ collection is intended to present those delicate tones that we seldom notice, but remain an integral part of the Paper Birch that adds so much to the beauty of nature.


Each photograph  in this  collection is  black and white toned, one-of-a-kind  digital print, hand-painted in acrylic  on 13” x 19” archival art paper.