Artist’s Introduction

Since purchasing my first camera at age nine, my love of photography began when clicking that little plastic box and sharing fuzzy black and white shots of every child in the neighbourhood.

A lot of progress has been made since then and over the years my mission to have photography and paint complement each other eventually materialized.

Mainly a self-taught artist in acrylic painting and photography, significant interaction with others along the way has provided the skills, feedback, and confidence to nurture my ongoing creative ventures and direction.

My black and white digital images are toned, printed on archival fine art paper or canvas and gently embellished with hand-painted layers of acrylic to allow the myriad of colours to meld, presenting a unique feeling that changes as light plays on the photoart.

For me, two significant art features have always been light and line, with colour as a means of suggesting or emphasizing that light and line. The image itself provides my direction for applying colour and brush technique to denote the focus or present a more muted form of soft, superimposed colour tones that allow lines and images to instill an overall mood or feeling.

As an artist, that mood or feeling echoes my experience when first setting eyes on the image to be photographed. My photoart is intended to convey a timelessness and therefore instill memories or inspire dreams for all ages and stages in life.